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Private Data Centers in One Decentralized Cloud

Buddy democratizes hosting by migrating all existing websites and apps to its decentralized cloud without any development effort required. It means faster websites & apps for a better price.

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  • I’ve tried to set up CD with other services but ended up quitting because I got so frustrated with how difficult it was to figure out. Buddy was the first one I was actually able to get something working with. You make it really easy to use, which I love!

  • Running up an environment to run tests is quicker maybe by a few minutes. File transfer is definitely the winner. It used to take 50 minutes on Codeship but on Buddy it takes 6-7 minutes to do the same transfer and that's doing all files.

  • The blazing fast UI, incredible integrations and tools make continuous development an absolute breeze. You get the sense that their developers take so much pride in the product. Keep it up, Buddy. Love your work.

  • Your UI/UX is out of this world and completely blows the competition out of the water. And it does so at no cost to features, you guys have the largest feature set I’ve seen. Count me as a satisfied customer!

  • This might be the most beautifully designed app I have ever used. And I use a lot. And design my own. You guys are awesome :)

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Application Development & Deployment Software

Problems & Challenges

Barriers to Development Automation

Application automation development provides a huge boon to organizations, but it is challenging to adopt, because of:

  • Mentality & Culture
  • Legacy Infrastructure
  • App Complexity
  • Integration of Tools
  • Neglecting Test Automation
  • No DevOps Plan
  • Lack of Training
  • Too Many Tools
  • Difficult scaling

    Large teams which use automation as a key differentiator and value driver, struggle to scale up their DevOps infrastructure

  • Obsolete tools

    Solutions that come and go can’t continue to innovate and will have to be replaced

  • No solutions for cross-functional teams

    Damaging to organizational performance & culture with clashes of attitudes and conflicting goals

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  • Open Ecosystem

    Buddy puts openness at its core with open-source goals, community-curated marketplaces and vote-based roadmaps.

  • Community

    Developers, Experts and Users all connected by the platform in a joint mission to take the load off developers by offloading everything that can be automated.

  • Token Economy

    Strong token utility embedded into the platform with more than 15 strong token use cases for developers, experts and everyday platform users.


Inc. is an established American magazine founded in 1979 in New York devoted to new businesses and startups. It's best known for its annual lists of 500 and 5000 fastest-growing private-held companies.

We use Buddy for deploying & testing our main project '' on our staging server as well as some automated tasks and things when pushing to production. There are also dev site projects with a pipeline that syncs 1 remote MySQL server db with another—turning what used to be a painful chore for some of our devs into literally the press of a button.

We also have some microsite projects, like '', these are for our Wordpress installs with 2 pipelines that handle full sync to our development server, and another that actually flattens them to .html and pushes them over to production.

I know I've put a lot of effort into getting Buddy setup just right for our needs and I'm sure there are tons of improvements to make and features we can take advantage of. So far though, it's paid off immensely. You guys keep adding awesome things and I have to keep trying them out!

John Guaragno - Lead Developer at Inc.

World’s biggest healthcare platform for booking doctor appointments and managing visits with 20M unique patients visits per month.

What we disliked about the CI service we used before were dozens of bugs in the front-end making it sometimes impossible to use the app, very limited flexibility in modifying existing and adding new actions, and support team working in a different timezone.

One of the biggest assets of Buddy, on the other hand, is the ease of configuration: we don’t have to constantly look after and update the tools and CD we use anymore. Buddy covers a broad spectrum of things, from basic stuff like deployments, to notifying the BI team about db migrations, to cronjob configuration and updating language translations.

We have over 30 projects on Buddy, including ‘monolith’ with our legacy app and sso microservice. It has a staging pipeline for in-house preview updated on-the-fly with tested iterations of the service. The approach to production is a bit more conservative. We make the deploy made three times a day: in the morning, at noon and in the afternoon.

Lukasz Barulski - Tech Lead / DevOps at DocPlanner

Flow is a popular flexible project and task management software for teams used by companies like Apple, Shopify or TED made by people behind Dribbble, probably the largest community of web designers. Here is what they say about Buddy:

We wanted a tool that could be as simple or robust as we needed it to be. Buddy was easily able to scale from a simple test runner to a full CI suite as needed.

It was great to see we could easily implement something similar with minimal setup with Atomic Deploys. Makes tracking releases and rolling back super easy

Buddy was super simple to setup. The pre-made actions are great, especially for someone that’s new to the tool. Once we had a clear understanding of the capabilities of Buddy, we were able to fine tune the pipeline to our needs.

The pipeline system is extremely clear. Onboarding a new developer to the system is as easy as walking them through each step of the pipeline. Everything you need is laid out in each step. There are no buried configs or environment variables.

Probably the best thing about Buddy has been the support. Using the Intercom widget in the app is great. You guys have been super helpful!

Dan Castello - Developer at Flow



  • Simon Szczepankowski

    CEO, Product Manager & Co-Founder

  • Anant Singh

    Strategic Partnerships Manager

  • Ha Dong-Wook

    Korea Brand Marketing Diretor

  • Raphael Sztwiorok

    CTO, Project Manager & Co-Founder

  • Thomas Korwin-Gajkowski

    Blockchain Solution Architect

  • Martin Kudla

    Software Architect & Co-Founder

  • Michael Hankus

    Senior Software Engineer & Co-Founder

  • Thomas Prus

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Alexander Kus

    Chief Growth Officer

  • Paul Olek

    Head of UX/UI & Co-Founder

  • Lucas Czulak

    Data Analyst

  • Paul Kapala

    Senior Full Stack Web Developer

  • Darek Sztwiorok

    Java Developer

  • Chris Stryczek

    Head of Test Engineering

  • Michael Bigos

    Test Engineer and Technical Support Specialist

  • Octavia Nowakowska

    Head of Customer Support

  • Patrick Trojanowski

    Customer Support Specialist



  • Token (Ethereum, ERC-20)
  • Tokens on Crowdsale
    470M BUD
  • Hard Cap
    60k ETH

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